Yellow Teeth

Yellow Teeth:  Causes and How to get rid of Yellow Teeth

A smile can have a big impact on how people perceive you, but for people with yellow teeth, smiling may not be all that simple.  In fact, many people with discolored teeth will avoid smiling due to feeling self-conscious or

Yellow teeth

Yellow teeth

embarrassed.   There are many reasons for yellow teeth, and some can be whitened, while some cannot.  For those with discolored teeth, knowing the cause is the first step toward finding a possible solution.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

1.Translucent or Thin Enamel

Some yellow teeth are due to a naturally thin or translucent layer of enamel.  The enamel is the outer coating of the teeth, and is white in color.  However, the layer beneath the enamel, known as dentin, is naturally yellow.  Because of this, if the enamel is thin or translucent – whether naturally or due to wear on the teeth – the natural yellow of the dentin will show through.  In this case normal whitening techniques will not improve the color of the teeth, since the dentin will always be visible.  This does not necessarily mean the teeth have incurred any damage, as translucent enamel can be simply genetic.

yellow teeth

yellow teeth

2.Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, as we get older our teeth naturally suffer from the wear and tear of everyday use.  No matter how carefully you maintain your teeth, over time the enamel will wear down and the colorings of foods and drinks will slowly be absorbed, resulting in teeth stains.  This process is unavoidable, however, the more careful you are about oral hygiene and consumption of stain-causing substances, the longer you may be able to preserve the whiteness of your teeth.

3.Poor Oral Hygiene or Poor Consumption Habits

Teeth can also be discolored by a lack of good oral hygiene, especially when combined with the excessive consumption of colored foods, colored or acidic drinks, and cigarettes or tobacco that are not properly cleaned from the teeth afterwards.  While stained teeth do not necessarily mean a person lacks oral hygiene, inadequate oral hygiene can quickly result in yellow teeth, teeth stain, or even brown teeth, and should be corrected immediately.

Yellow Teeth Cure



1.Good Daily Habits

A consistent regimen of some simple daily habits can have a big impact on the appearance of the teeth.  A good daily regimen will include brushing and flossing twice daily, and brushing immediately after consuming stain-causing substances.

2.At-Home Whitening Products

Whitening toothpastes, whitening mouthwashes, and whitening gum can also be added to your daily regimen to enhance whitening.  Also, whitening strips are available at most stores, and can be used alongside these other products for additional whitening effect.  However, these products are not very effective on those with naturally yellow teeth due to thin or translucent enamel. A recent teeth whitening product that has  become popular is idol teeth whitening endorsed by Kim Kardashian.

3.Professional Methods

If at-home methods don’t sufficiently whiten teeth, professional methods are also available.  Many dentists offer tooth bleaching to overcome difficult discolorations, but these methods cannot fully whiten teeth which appear yellow due to translucent enamel, since the yellowish layer of dentin will always be visible.  For those people on whom whitening is ineffective, cosmetic procedures like dental veneers may be the best solution.

If you want the confidence of a beautiful, sparkling white smile, there are many effective methods available.   However, in order to decide which method will be most effective for treating yellow teeth, you must first determine the cause.  The more you understand about the reasons for your yellow teeth, the better equipped you are to begin taking steps towards yellow teeth cure.


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2 Responses to “Yellow Teeth”

  1. sambiana julius
    August 20, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

    thank you for this information..i really love smiling but sometimes worry about my teeth.please if there are any new discoveries concerning yellow teeth,toothaches and gumbreeding inform me through my email address.God bless you.

  2. asha
    September 18, 2011 at 12:25 am #

    hi.. actually my problems that, before 2 years my front teeth was half broken.. whether i can get full teeth back, without
    taking teeth and under going any operation…?

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