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Tooth Chipped

Chipped Teeth and Your Overall Health

Have you ever had a tooth chipped while eating relatively soft foods? Have you ever had a tooth chipped while gently brushing or flossing? Teeth that break or chip relatively easy could be a sign of much more serious systemic health issues. While dentists and oral care specialists are great at fixing and addressing dental problems, they will usually not be able to properly diagnose why a particular individual has overly brittle teeth. If you suffer from this affliction then it is very important that you see a doctor right away. Nutritional deficiencies can be caused by some sort of severe health issue, and they can not only cause your to teeth to break unnecessarily, but they will usually result in weak bones as well.
Causes for brittle teeth are usually dietary related and can be corrected through restructuring your diet or through nutritional supplementation such as the intake of daily vitamins. By thorough blood work analysis you can find out where you are nutritionally lacking, and doctors can then quite easily set you out on the right path to correcting the issue. They will usually send you to consult with a certified nutritionist. These nutritionists will create a comprehensive meal plan for you that will address your nutritional deficiency issues.
Other causes of brittle teeth can include much more severe issues than just a simple nutritional deficiency. Brittle teeth and bones can sometimes be the sign of severe or life threatening issues such as cancer, organ failure, blood diseases, and other serious ailments. This is why you should never put off such an issue for tomorrow, as finding out the cause quickly can be a matter of life and death.
In some cases people just naturally have brittle or weak bones due to genetic factors, and it doesn’t necessarily point to an underlying health problem. Bone density in humans can widely vary depending on each diet, lifestyle, and other environmental factors.
Teeth also become more brittle over time as we age. If as an adult your front tooth chipped while eating card candy, then it certainly doesn’t mean that you have health issues, rather your teeth just simply aren’t as strong as they were when you were younger. If, however, your front tooth chipped while eating a banana or another soft food, then you may want to consult with a doctor, as obviously that wouldn’t be a common cause for a tooth to break.
Teeth do chip quite often over a person’s lifetime, and thus they don’t always point to an issue greater than that. If your tooth chipped around a filling, then it’s probably just a common break due to common wear. If your tooth chipped around a filling while eating pudding, then you want to look more closely at the situation for a potentially greater underlying cause.
Like nails, skin, and hair, the state of one’s teeth is a good sign of their greater overall health profile. Keep this in mind the next time you have an unexpected tooth break that just doesn’t seem to have a reasonable cause.
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