Secondary dental Insurance

Secondary dental Insurance

Secondary dental Insurance

Supplemental dental Insurance

A secondary dental insurance also known as supplemental dental insurance can further minimize your dental costs.  If you employ a secondary dental insurance smartly, you can reap benefits. However, you secondary dental insuranceneed to carefully scrutinize to make sure you are picking one for your needs and viability of additional dental coverage to your existing one.

Secondary dental insurance is simply a second dental policy in addition to a primary coverage you already have. The reason to have a secondary dental coverage is to further minimize the costs of dental procedures. You have to carefully evaluate whether you actually require a secondary policy as you are going to be paying money upfront in form of premiums and its money wasted if you are not going to actually need a secondary coverage.

Secondary dental insurance is different from secondary health insurance. In health insurance policies, if you have two health policies, they can combine to take a greater percentage off the bill. But dental insurance does not work this way. Only one policy can take care of one treatment and you can’t combine policies for a single procedure. So, when should you go for secondary dental insurance?

1.      Desired treatment not covered by Primary dental insurance

If your primary coverage does not cover desired treatment procedures, you can go for  secondary dental coverage which covers the treatment you want to go for. Also, you can for a secondary coverage if your primary coverage takes a very low  % off your desired dental work.

2.      When you have a low maximum annual limit

Most insurance companies have a cap (limit) to which they will cover your dental work. If you have exceeded your annual limit or planning to go for procedures that will exceed the cap, you should go for supplemental dental insurance.

When should you not go for secondary dental insurance?

-If you are looking to take a greater percentage of your dental work bill, you should rather switch to a better plan rather than go for  secondary dental insurance.

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