Fractured Tooth? Repair and Prevent

Fractured Tooth

When you have a fractured tooth or fractured tooth symptoms, it involves a minor chip of the layer called the enamel.  They are the layers of the teeth in which the enamel is the outer layer of the white hard surface.  The yellow layer beneath the enamel is the dentin, and this provides protection of the teeth. When you have teeth that are fractured, and X-rays are necessary to diagnose, locate, and measure the tooth fracture.  It should be treated promptly if you suffer from a fracture that includes the outer layers of the teeth.  The gums may bleed when your teeth are displaced or lost.  The dentist can apply a splint to the loose tooth by bonding it to the other teeth to help stabilize it.  A root canal procedure may need to be done during the first visit, because of the risk of pulp death.
Fractured tooth extraction is offered to help calm the teeth pain, and the teeth will be reevaluated in two to four weeks after this procedure.  This is followed by a dental filling or a crown, and the splint is also removed. Fractures of the teeth leaves the injured teeth very loose, and it is necessary to do a fractured tooth extraction and replace the tooth with a removable plate.  If there are symptoms of pulp death and teeth infection appears, you may have a root canal treatment done. If you take part in any sport, you can use face mask or a mouth guard to reduce the trauma to the teeth.
Fractured Tooth prevention

Fractured Tooth prevention

The number of head concussions, mouth guards have been shown to cut the trauma and reduce the pressure to the skull. With any football injuries involved with the face and the mouth guards, these have been in use for many years as protective devices.  This have been improving dental injuries in football players, and they have been almost eliminated. You can wear a mouth guard with organized sports, and you can buy these in pharmacies and sport shops, and they are molded at home.  These can be custom-made by a dentist, but if you buy a store one these are less expensive than the custom ones.  These may not fit into the athlete’s mouth if you buy a store one, but they may become loose or may interfere with speech.  The ideal mouth guard is custom-made by a dentist to fit inside the mouth.  This will not alter the speech, and will not interfere with your breathing.

This may commonly occur with your mouth, and it is fractured tooth as it occurs beyond normal eating.  Your teeth could develop cracks when you bite down on hard food like hard foods or hard candies. If you have had fractured tooth symptoms these can be treated by a simple crown, and this is by holding the teeth together firmly when you are biting down.  You can get help for your teeth by seeing a professional and this will make a difference with your health.
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