Dental Hygienist Salary

Dental Hygienist Salary

Dental Hygienist Salary

Dental Hygienist average salary

You might be wondering what the average Dental hygienist salary is before deciding to embark on a career in dental hygiene. Dental hygienists form an integral part of dental care and a career in dental hygiene can be exciting and lucrative. So, read on, if you would like to know more about career and salary as a dental hygienist.


Who is a dental hygienist?

A dental hygienist works in conjunction with dental assistants and dentist to provide oral health care to the patients. The primary role assigned to a dental hygienist is prevention and treatment of dental diseases and conditions.

Some of the duties of dental hygienist

  • Educating the patients on maintaining good dental hygiene
  • Patient education on their specific dental condition and how to control them
  • Teeth cleaning which involves removal of soft and hard deposits on teeth
  • Assisting the dentist in dental treatment
  • Performing and assisting in minor dental procedures
  • Maintaining office records of patients
Dental Hygienist Salary

Dental Hygienist Salary

Why should I go for a career as a dental hygienist?

A career in dental hygiene is suitable for students who are interested in health care. If you like to make a difference in people’s lives by providing healthcare, enjoying interacting and educating people, interested in oral care and earn decent money while helping others-this is an ideal career for you.

What is a dental hygienist salary?

Prospective students are quite curious with regards to the amount of money they can make as a dental hygienist. The average salary of a dental hygienist is approximately $68,000 annually according to Bureau of Labor statistics .The mean hourly wage of a dental hygienist is $33.02

There are many factors which will affect the salary of a dental hygienist. Depending on these factors, you could be making a lot more than $68,000. The 90th percentile of dental hygienists are making over $45 hourly.

Dental Hygienist Salary

Dental Hygienist Salary


What are the factors that affect the salary of a dental hygienist?


  • Type of education: You can become a dental hygienist via a certificate program (1 year), diploma program (2 years), graduate degree (4 years). A dental hygienist who has passed the graduate program is likely to earn more than a certificate holder.


  • Skills: The skills of a dental hygienist directly impact the remuneration that he/she receives. If you have good skills as a dental hygienist, have attended workshops to hone your skills, you can expect your salary to proportionally increased.


  • Experience: As with any profession, you gain expertise and skills with experience. The amount of experience will help you derive a better salary.


  • Location: The average salary of a dental hygienist can vary greatly with the location. The mean hourly wage of a dental hygienist in California is $43.37 whereas it is $28.46 in Michigan. Also, if you are in a city where there are lot of dental hygienists, you can expect an affect on your salary.


  • Type of job: You can get a job as a dental hygienist in various hospitals, private clinics, physicians, schools etc. The best paying jobs for dental hygienists are obtained by working in a private clinic.
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