7 Causes of Bad breath

7 Causes of Bad breath

One of the common conditions found worldwide, affecting individuals is halitosis commonly called as bad breath. Although many reasons exist for

Bad breath

Bad breath

this condition, the most common one, about 85-90% is said to be due to the oral cavity.

The seven common causes of bad breath are:

  • The first and foremost common reason for halitosis is due to the accumulation of food particles on and around our teeth and a coated tongue which appears white. Anaerobic bacteria present in our oral cavity act upon these food particles and produce halitosis. Bad breath causes characteristic rotten egg smell.
  • Periodontal / gum diseases are another factor that causes bad breath due to the fact that plaque and calculus are seen abundantly in periodontal cases due to their lack of oral hygiene and contain millions of bacteria . Pus discharge, a common feature of periodontal disease may also add up to it.
  • The putrefactive nature of caries causing bacteria can also cause halitosis. Thus the presence of carious teeth also contributes to bad breath.
  • Diseases and conditions that cause reduced salivary flow or dryness of mouth, also called xerostomia also leads to a foul odor of the mouth. When Saliva, which contains many properties including anti bacterial action is absent or minimal, plaque accumulation is increased which favors bacterial growth.
  • Smoking can lead to bad breath in a number of ways. Nicotine and its byproducts of smoking lead to smoker’s breath. Smoking gradually leads to gum disease which can also cause halitosis.
  • All diet fanatics should also know that apart from the numerable side effects revealed, dieting can also lead to bad breath due to ketoacidosis that takes place because of prolonged starvation.
  • The remaining causes of halitosis include infections of the respiratory tract, diabetes (acetone breath) and kidney dysfunction.

Another common aspect regarding halitosis which affects around 25% of the people is delusional halitosis or halitophobia. It is the fear of having bad breath even though one may not have the condition. And for those of whom who have the condition, professional help may be required.


You can control these factors to get rid of bad breath. If you are concerned about Bad breath from your pets, you can’t control these factors nor can you ask your pet to brush his/her teeth. For Pets, EdentalHealth recommends Plaque attack which has shown excellent results for getting rid of bad breath in Cats and Dogs. So, you can enjoy quality time with your pets without turning your face away.

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    i am suffering frm tonsils and sometimes it cause bad breath, can u pls help me

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